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We welcome you, the dear friend. You are on a site of international camp «SkillCamp» for children, teenagers and youth. Our main office is in Moscow.

Our programs are directed on education and active, cognitive rest, on the international cultural dialogue and an intercultural exchange.

Our programs take place on platforms in Russia (the Moscow area and Krasnodar territory), in Ukraine (Crimea and the Odessa area), in Byelorussia (Minsk and Borisovskaya areas). Also we are engaged the organization of exit educational programs and trainings on various subjects (our collective can arrive under your invitation).

Our basic directions:


1      Excursions on museums and cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus;

2      Campaigns in the most beautiful places of our planet;

3      Tourist technics, skauting;

4      Rendering of the pre-medical help;

5      Rescue on water;

6      Mountaneering and high-altitude preparation;

7      Speleotourism;

8      Sports orientation;

9      Metallfinding and geocashing.

There are programs of creative development of the person.

Special training (for children and adults):

9      Super real hand-to-hand fight of Russian special troops GRU, VDV;

10    Survival in extreme conditions, in city and in the wild nature;

11    Physical and psychological preparation of Russian special troops, secret of Russian victories;

12    Medicine in extreme conditions;

13    Radiopreparation (work with radio stations);

14    Shooting preparation, high-speed shooting, pendulum;

15    Masking and snaping;

16    Tactics;

17    Construction of shelters and strengthenings;

18    Paintball, strykball;

19     Knifefight and  a withoutcirculating throwing of a knife;

20    The organization of tactical games.

Culture of Slavs (Ethnocultural programs):

1      Legendary Russian hand-to-hand fight;

2      Possession by sward and fencing, manufacturing and a throwing spears, manufacturing and possession of the ancient weapon of Slavs;

3      Philosophy and outlook of ancient Slavs;

4      Unique old slavic systems of improvement and restoration of an organism “Beloyar” and “Svilya”, systems of conditioning to the cold an organism;

5      Reconstruction of national suits and needlework;

6      Woodcarving;

7      Preparation of national dishes;

8      Reconstruction of ancient slavic ceremonies and customs.

Our principles: 1. Safety. 2. The highest level of preparation of instructors. 3. Friendliness. 4. The Individual approach. 5. Aiming at result.

If you never were in Russia, think, that Russian are covered by a wool, drink vodka, eat pancakes with caviar, play with bears and are heated under fur-trees from nuclear reactors you know nothing about Russia and its culture.

You to us, we shall show safely!

If you never were in Byelorussia, think, that in Belarus a police state, there is no democracy, human rights are broken, the tyrant “Batyka” you know nothing about Byelorussia, do not know its people and culture of this people. You to us, we shall show safely!

If you never were in Crimea, think, that there there live only Turks or spiteful, wild Tatar tribes. If Ukraine for you - bacon, gorilka, Yushenko and Timoshenko you know nothing  about Crimea and a little that know about Ukrains.

You to us, we shall show safely!

You have estimated the contents of our projects, have looked photos of our camps? It was pleasant to you? Now you regret  you are so far from us? Do not mourn! Our camp accepts participants from the different countries from all world. Our camps were already visited by children from Germany, France, Italy, the USA, Canada, the Baltics and the CIS countries. They have opened for themselves the new world. Believe, it completely not difficultly, your desire is important .

You can pass in gallery of our camps (the LINK TO GALLERY).

Send the electronic letter on our electronic box  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript  and our english-speaking employee will contact you.

Communicate on Skype: lebedevke83